By virtue of its involvement in diverse activities where power is a requisite, JS is servicing following areas in the power space in association with global partners:

Industrial Marketing

  • Thermal (BTG / BOP) power plants
  • Electro-mechanical for hydro power projects
  • Retrofit ‘turbocharger’ boosting gas turbine output
  • Plant and machinery for renewable energy
  • Equipment for catalytic removal of SOx & NOx and removal of particulate emissions
  • Spares
  • Energy-saving solutions


  • Hydraulic components
  • Fabricated items at our own facility
  • Mini & micro hydro power plants


  • Design, engineering of small to mid-sized thermal power plants
  • Renovation and modernisation of thermal power plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Bulk material-handling equipment, including coal-handling plants and port-handling equipment
  • SCADA and smart grid solutions
  • Substations