A complete range of refractory products from its own units and leading manufacturers across the globe.

Industrial Marketing
Bricks and shapes

  • Carbon and graphite refractory
  • Fireclay, alumina & silica bricks
  • Nitride-bonded silicon carbide bricks
  • Mullite bricks
  • Chemically-bonded bricks
  • Insulating refractory bricks
  • Flow-control refractory
  • Kiln furniture and ceramic rollers


  • Castables
  • Regular and low-cement gunning mixes
  • Plastic and ramming mixes
  • Dry vibratable mixes
  • Refractory mortars and coatings
  • Wet mortars

Raw materials

  • Silicon carbide
  • Calcined bauxite
  • Seawater magnesite
  • Dead burnt magnesite
  • Fused magnesite
  • Natural and synthetic graphite
  • Fused / tabular alumina
  • Quartz
  • Mullite


Complete range of aluminous refractories, monolithics, precast shapes and bricks.

EPC & Services

We offer refractory-lining design, engineering, and advanced application and maintenance services, including turnkey solutions.