We value the relationship of integrity and trust we have with our stakeholders – our Principals, Clients, Consultants and others. In all our business dealing we shall strive to maintain the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. Hence we shall:

Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, both in letter and in spirit, including providing full disclosure to statutory authorities in all legal and regulatory matters, in all the territories in which he or she operates.
Act in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, honesty and ethical conduct, at all times.
Follow good business practices that help build and nurture business relations based on trust and integrity
Listen attentively, valuing different points of view and communicate appropriately in a manner that is helpful and honest with all our stakeholders
Fulfil all the commitments and averments made in the name of the company, whether written or oral, whether or not embodied in legally enforceable contracts.
Never make false or misleading claims, either about the company products and services or those of a competitor, or indulge in any unfair trade practices.
Ensure the integrity of data provided to the company or to stakeholders on behalf of the company.

A J. S. Group Company shall provide equal opportunities to all its employees and all qualified applicants for employment, without regard to their race, caste, religion, colour, ancestry, marital status, sex, age, nationality and disability. Hence we shall strive to:

Treat everyone with dignity and in accordance with the J. S. Group policy of maintaining a work environment free of sexual harassment, whether physical, verbal or psychological.
Administer employee policies and practices in a manner that ensures that in all matters equal opportunity is provided to those eligible and that decisions are based on merit.
Provide equitable access to opportunities, tools and equipment to all staff.
Give staff a voice in decisions and matters that concern them, their employment, their growth and development.

A J. S. Group company and its employees shall neither receive nor offer or make, directly or indirectly, any payments, remuneration, gifts, donations or comparable benefits which are intended to or perceived to obtain unfair or coercive business or uncompetitive favours for the conduct of its business. However, a J. S. Group company and its employees may accept and offer nominal gifts, which are customarily given and are of a commemorative nature, for special events provided the receipt or presentation of the same, irrespective of value, are disclosed to the company.

Every employee of any J. S. Group Company shall use all resources made available by the company for the purpose of conducting business, ensuring that they are not misused. These include tangible as well as intangible assets. Hence we shall strive to:

Protect the confidential information about products, processes, proprietary information, clients / customers / suppliers and other such data.
Protect and enhance the good-will developed among the various stake-holders over a period of time through our behaviour and business practices.
Mitigate risks through a thorough “due diligence”, disclosure of all aspects of business to appropriate authorities within the company and good business practices.’
Protect the intellectual property of the company and the J. S. Group and its stake-holders.

A J. S. Group company and its employees shall cultivate and build a global network of collaborative, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relations with all its stake-holders, creating lasting value for all involved. Hence we shall strive to:

Conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity and best business practices.
Provide services and products that are technically and commercially competitive and provide best value to the customer or client.
Avoid giving false, incomplete and misleading information to clients and customers in the course of tendering and marketing.
Address all customer complaints and grievances, sincerely and promptly to the satisfaction of the aggrieved stake-holder.
Respect partner, client, customer policies and practices and be sensitive to local customs, traditions and norms as well as locally applicable laws and regulations.
Design and implement procurement policies, procedures and practices that are fair, transparent and in keeping with the letter and the spirit of the contract.

The attitudes and behaviour of all J. S. Group employees contribute towards a safe, secure and hygienic work environment. This includes being concerned and conscious of one’s own safety and that of our co-workers and visitors. Hence we shall strive to:

Treat everyone with dignity and respect in our behaviour that is fair, just and honest.
Trust the motives and integrity of our co-workers, take their concerns and opinions regarding all aspects of the work-place seriously and give it due importance.
Conduct ourselves in our behaviour, words and deeds in a manner that is not offensive, intimidating or hurtful to our co-workers.
Do whatever we can towards a clean, safe, secure, healthy and hygienic work-place.